a campaign to unrestrict facebook’s
restrictions: #ItsInYourHands

The breast cancer awareness campaign we’ve created for the world’s leading digital industrial company, GE was well received. We’ve communicated the importance of self-examination, specially for breast cancer, with this campaign. We wanted to tell women how they could perform self-examination; but we coouldn’t show breasts due to the rules of the social media platforms.

How to teach self examination without photos?

We wanted to raise awareness about the importance of self examination during the breast cancer week. We’ve created illustrated posters to show and teach the moves for examination. Our ads, which haven’t featured breasts directly, was blocked by Facebook at first. Then we’ve sent them for re-inspection and the block was lifted. After this situation Facebook reformed its filter about this regulation. When these unique posters were seen by the users, they’ve raised huge awareness and the engagement rates swiftly went up. Our posts, supported with the #ItsInYourHands hashtag reached 5.000 views on Instagram without any ads. On Twitter, we’ve reached more than 110.000 impressions and received 2.000+ engagement.