Bonus Piu

BonusPiu is a new prepaid card solution served by Garanti BBVA. The aim was to create the web site and the online transactions panel. According to the brief; the new prepaid card was designed to appeal to different segments that have distinct tone of communication. These demands required us to work on a user-oriented design that would appeal to different personas.

Target audience of Bonus Piu is housewives, gamers and online shoppers. We started to create the site by analyzing the results from the UX reports. We have created a structure that will allow the users to easily understand the product features and benefits that let them to examine the product features in detail, to learn about campaigns and then apply immediately to the Bonus Piu prepaid card. When designing application screens, we aimed to enable users to complete their applications much faster and more practically. After that, we have provided the online transactions platform for card holders in a very useful state so that they can easily upload money to their cards, and as a login, they can easily track all past transactions and make new transactions easily. The Bonus Piu website has also taken its place among our work as a project offering a fully integrated online trading experience where cardholders can track and manage their financial movements.

With a detailed UX study, we completed the interface designs of the Bonus Piu website, card application screens and online transactions platform and moved to the coding phase. After the tests we conducted before the publication, we also published the new Bonus Piu website, which works smoothly. You can also share this experience by visiting the brand new Bonus Piu website at The website, which is fully compatible with mobile devices, also offers mobile users an application usage experience with its WebApp technology infrastructure.