What we aim for?

The primary goal of the web site was to remove the barrier that Tivibu perceived as "a system that can only be used with the Internet". Therefore, from the information architecture to the design solutions, we emphasized that the project offers a state-of-the-art service with the ease of installation of any satellite receiver, such as IPTV, Satellite, Mobile, Smart TV monitoring options.

Lean information architecture, user-focused experience

The Tivibu web site, which offers a rich and functional world with a home page, makes a difference with a user-focused approach. The platform tells all of the brand's products in a stream that can easily reach the needs of each segment.

Power of visual expression Simple, clear and fast access structure

Tivibu's new web site is gaining functionality with a new build that will allow you to take a quick action on the move and easily reach the brand's products and campaigns.

Design solutions following trends

The web site, which is prepared with a responsive structure, provides three dimensional visual expression. However, with the use of parallax effects or "floating action buttons" that provide quick access to critical areas for brand targets, web site capture trends in every aspect.