Akıllı Hayat 2030

Finding "sustainable solutions" for a better and smarter future, Zorlu inspires people and business world with Akıllı Hayat 2030 project. Zorlu needed a website which could explain this project in detail. So we created a user-centered and a flawless website, "Akıllı Hayat". With Akıllı Hayat website, we allow users view Zorlu's social projects and help them reach information through the easiest way. While creating Akıllı Hayat website, we imagined it to be interactive and communicate through images. By taking Zorlu's brand identity into consideration, we created a website suitable for "Akıllı Hayat" project. As a result of users wanting to see a website that is enjoyable, not tiring, we satisfied their needs by combining information transfer with visual design.

We made the website suitable for the target audience with the menu structure that catches the trends and button positioning which provides an easy access. For a closer look at the Akıllı Hayat website, visit www.akillihayat2030.com