is now up and running

Albaraka Türk Participation Bank's new website designed by Pixelplus Interactive is now live. The bank has been operation in our country since 1985 under the parent company Albaraka Banking Group, which is a major investment group of the Middle East.

Simple and user friendly

Boosting the new digital marketing strategy built by Pixelplus, the new website stands out with a modern look that is developed through the latest design, usage and content trends. As a product of comprehensive efforts in design and technology, new website of Albaraka Türk offers simple and user-friendly experience through developments performed to this end.

Comprehensive UX Design process

Prepared through a comprehensive UX (user experience) process, new website of Albaraka Türk is an output for facilitating research and analysis of behaviors and experiences of target audience using participation bank services, while tapping into a friendlier tone to meet requirements of target audience rather than using ordinary banking terms.

Effective digital marketing analyses

With this project, not only Albaraka Türk could renew its corporate website, but the ATM interfaces and Internet Branch designs have also been renewed with signature design of Pixelplus. Upon completing every single stage of such a comprehensive project meticulously, Pixelplus accomplished the project through effective digital marketing analyses and strategy processes.

Other details

Standing out amongst competition in banking through an innovative and user-friendly interface, Albaraka Türk's new corporate website is awaiting customers with an aim to provide them with products and services in the most effective way.