eczacıbaşı hijyen ürünleri
launching the corporate website

Bring the hygiene everywhere

The world-renowned Eczacıbaşı Hijyen Ürünleri which produces hygiene products that increase the quality of life, has taken its place in digital world.

The brief was crafting a vision for an enhanced customer experience. Website should work for both singular and corporate customers. According to this, we aimed to present the distinctive aspects of the brand with a step by step information path. Also, we’ve provided both individual and institutional sales through a single address to increase the purchasing power of users.

Along with this, we have provided visual diversity and information to give users a better chance to explore their exact needs. We reflected knowledge to the user in the most easy to use ways and closed the user navigation flaws.

Design a beautiful site with rich lifestyle content that seamlessly leads... Eczacıbaşı Hijyen Ürünleri’s new digital face is waiting for it’s users at