Türkiye Emlak Katılım Bankası

The bank that adds strength to Turkey's strength

With 93 years of experience and a team of the most experienced and hardworking bankers in Turkey's field, the new website of Türkiye Emlak Katılım Bankasi, which has been reopened to add strength to Turkey's strength, is on the air.

A Whole New World

Türkiye Emlak Katılım Bankası aims to develop sustainable and accessible financing models in the economic cycle from producers to consumers for strategic sectors that contribute to economic growth and employment, especially in the construction sector. When Türkiye Emlak Katılım Bankası communicated to us the request for a website where it could accurately describe this goal, we started working on how we could strategically present this goal to the users. With user-focused navigation, we have made it easy for everyone to access the solutions and products that the bank has produced specifically for all financial needs. With a design that fits today's trends and does not tire the user, we brought the visuality to the fore. We have implemented a new website that fits the banking identity of Türkiye Emlak Katılım Banksı and can address its target audience. You can also explore this brand-new world of Türkiye Emlak Katılım.