world of volkswagenlovers:


Whether Volkswagen owns it or not, the Volkswagenim mobile application, which speaks to all Volkswagenlovers, responds to a lot of needs and transmits news from their own world. Now, with the renewed website you meet with your loved ones.

Pleasant, modern and lean design

The design that we bring out by combining the trends of the ages and the brand institutionalism offers a pleasant experience as well as being plain. Volkswagenim, with its spacious and descriptive elements in the field of "Volkswagenim Nedir?", is designed for you to discover this world with its iconic design.

Uses that the user considers

We have positioned Volkswagenim's new website as an interlocutor to offer solutions to the problems experienced by users with a “Çözüm Merkezi” that answers every question. Volkswagenim, with its highly informative detail pages, has been prepared in a structure that will provide you with access to the information you are looking for comfortably. All the answers to the possible problems you may experience with the “Çözüm Merkezi” page supported by visual, icon or even video material and the explanations about the operations to be done within the application are meeting here.

A lean and functional digital asset

As you scroll through the sticky menu, the navigation structure that followed you was supported by a lean but necessary information architecture. At Volkswagenim, you'll find the latest campaigns, events and clues from Volkswagen that will make your life easier. The last functional feature of Volkswagenim is the “Volkswagen Destek Formu”, which is prepared so that you can easily communicate your problem. Once you have entered the relevant information, you can send the form by adding visuals, you can get support in every subject.
Volkswagenim, is waiting for your visit. Don’t forget, you just have to be a Volkswagenlover to experience Volkswagenim.