Garanti Ticari Kartlar

The simple is the best

Garanti Ticari Kartlar are the variety of commercial cards offered by Garanti Bank. We created a new website for Garanti Ticari Kartlar with a simple design that flows flawless. Commercial cards needed a site that was easy to understand, trusted like all products in the banking sector. When we prepared the Commercial Cards web site, we narrowed our focus to a really fresh and clear design.

Another focus point was that the user could learn all the details about Commercial Cards at a glance. With this in mind, we launched a website with user-friendly navigation and a rich menu. So the nuances between the cards are easy to see at a glance.

We design for our target audience

The site both introduces company cards and provides solutions for the target group needs. Traveling, lodging, representation, hospitality and even the privileges provided to office purchases are offered to users.

Visitors can get financial support through the website and apply easily. At the same time, get detailed information about all Garanti Ticari Kartlar. You can also discover this brand new and practical commercial cards platform at