Garanti Women Entrepreneur

Website Promoting Women Entrepreneurs

Cooperation with Garanti Bank, the Economist magazine and Turkey Women Entrepreneurs Society (KAGİDER) actualisation with the website which is about Garanti Women Entrepreneurs, with purpose for promoting women's entrepreneurship and announce the success stories to Turkey get renewed.

Under the leadership of the Garanti Bank and with the partnership of the Economist and KAGİDER which is organized for 12 years "Turkey's Women Entrepreneur". When we received  the renewal request of the website started work as a creating for new website and Garanti Women Entrepreneurship banking service range to be owned as a whole with a new knowledge architecture. While creating information architecture we're considering bank financial support for women entrepreneurs, aimed at giving women entrepreneurs a new vision "executive school" meeting events where our female entrepreneurs can increase their bussiness connections and the project aims to encourage women entrepreneurs" Garanti Women Entrepreneurs" which is making it into mission we aimed to present the user's access within a whole.

A Proud Project For Us

As Pixelplus, we are involved in such a project that Turkish women are encouraged in economic life away from commerical worries and gain a high added value experience. We are proud to be able to provide technical support to this project which supports Turkish women entrepreneurship and women competing with the world and being part of the project.

You can visit to experience the women entrepreneur website and have detail knowledge.