Hes Kablo

HES Kablo, one of Turkey's leading cable manufacturers and exporting cable to more than 140 countries in the world, needed a website where it could accurately express itself to the world in line with its goal of becoming one of the world's leading cable manufacturers. We, as Pixelplus, have revealed the new HES Kablo Corporate Website.

We have rolled up our sleeves to create a turnkey project by taking part in all the processes of this large project from A to Z Information Architecture, User Experience, Interface Design, Development Phase and Transition to Publication. First of all, the information architecture of the corporate site was very important. We have created the information architecture to present the most complex and diverse products to the target audience with the easiest, healthiest and most useful navigation structure. Then we moved on to the design phase. Info-graphic descriptions on the homepage, products, price list, quality documents, etc. we've positioned shortcuts that can be reached for all important documents. In this way, we have created a home design that is both very useful and appealing to the eye with its design integrity. We have designed screens where we highlight the most important features of the products so that our target audience will have an experience that will not be bored and will easily access the information they are looking for. At the same time, users can easily access documents, contact information, dealer list, production facilities and all other information they may need on the website we have updated. After completing the design phase, we continued the project with the software process. At this stage, we have completed all its software and CMS integration by creating a user-friendly filtering infrastructure that will make it very easy to reach the desired product from a large number of products

Going through all these stages, we have created a brand new HES Kablo Corporate Website that is completely separate from competitors both in design and experience and in a responsive structure. You can visit at www.hes.com.tr , and you can be a partner in this experience.