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kayseri metropolitan municipality

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality

Kayseri metropolitan municipality is one of the leading municipalities of Turkey with its projects developed. We have created a contemporary, technologically-inclusive web site for them.

Efficient information architecture

The web site we have prepared using the most up-to-date design trends stands out with its new information architecture. Thus, we provide the municipality's cultural and work activities effectively and consistently. The new website has a user-based content strategy and a simple structure. The website, which is flexible with modern design solutions, turns into a digital asset that the institution can use for long without renewing.

Powerful visual expression

The website offers a functional and enjoyable experience, with strong visual understanding, with an easy-to-understand and memorable icon and graphic uses, rather than long texts. There is also an area on the new web site that includes projects for Kayseri city. Also, e-municipality, pharmacy on duty, white desk, etc. are gathered in the quick menu bar.

Latest technological solutions

Service-based technology solution provides detailed information on transportation. So visitors have instant information about buses and stops. The smart search bar also provides voice search. Website where visitors can communicate by talking on all platforms, all kinds of information can be reached by voice. Thus, in terms of availability, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality takes its place in a pioneering position in the digital world. At the same time, the website with EV SSL certification offers a high security environment for users. The renovated website of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality was built with the most powerful software models. The new website has a .NET-based Pixel CMS integration and a mobile-friendly responsive structure.
You can visit the website of which reflects the innovative and modern approach of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.