albaraka türk's global sme
platform is launched

The beginning of the story

Pioneer of interest-free banking financial institutions Albaraka Türk, needed a platform where innovative ideas developed and businesses moved forward. We have created a digital platform for them that enables small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) to communicate with each other.

Digital gateway to the world of SMEs

We prepared the environment where the SMEs would know each other and support them in line with Albaraka Türk's request. We got to know SMEs better by doing behavioral targeting and created to carry them from local markets to global markets.

Other Details

The web site will be an information resources for SMEs because they will refer them for the road maps. It includes the membership system, smart search and filtering, infographics, videos, calculation tools and interactive content. Thus, the tools that make it easier for the users are making the site more valuable.

Albaraka Türk's SME story continues on

This website brings together the products of the brand with the client and brings the client with the world.