the world of financial acquisition from visa europe:
paramı yönetebiliyorum

Financial consciousness is moving to digital

paramı yönetebiliyorum, a social responsibility project from visa europe, aimed at giving financial awareness to four different age groups. The Project that targets younger people and aims to specialize them in issues such as financial literacy and budget management. What we needed to answer was how to turn this social responsibility project, which is a principle of life skills in finance, into a better experiment on digital.

Improved functions and modern interface

So we started working on the new web site of Paramı Yönetebiliyorum. We will present the large content repository already on the site in an improved environment for those who want to take advantage of this project. While preserving the benefits, we have made the interface more stylish by applying the current design trends correctly. In this way, each age group will have more enjoyable access to the trainings from its own detail and video pages. In addition to the trainings, the tips given in the language of the catching of the target group took its place on the web.

We have brought the project to everyone who wants to gain financial consciousness. High school students, university students, adults or entrepreneurs who want to use their money intelligently and who want to specialize in budget management, all you have to do is visiting the