turk telekom new youth platform: selfy

Personalized experiences for generation Y

Selfy's target profile, generation Y is the most digital generation. They want and like to specialize everything up to them. We've created our design idea and user experience strategy with this knowing.

At Selfy, user wants, user gets, user rules!

We've welcome our users with a customizable promo banner. They are able to add their photo, change background colour, change icons and have their own personal Selfy flag. We're welcoming our users with a customizable promo banner.

Their Selfy Land name appear automatically on their flags and the banner copy.

They can upload and change the photo of their avatars easily on the web site.

They can choose their favourite icons to express themselves at this area.

Interactive interface development, socialized UI design

Selfy is a responsive, mobile friendly web site which interacts it users in every possible way. That's what humanizes and socializes it. Users can customize their Selfy Land on mobile too.

Responsive design of Selfy creates a multichannel experience. Easy and clear campaign listing fields helps users to make their desicion in a very simple way.