Tarabya British Schools

Accessible information

The quality of education of the British Schools of Tarabya ensures that each student is prepared perfectly for life and accepted to top-notch universities. Taking this branding goal and the character into consideration, we focus on making the information easily accessible on the mentioned web site.

Focus on digital behaviours

With its modern design, users can easily orientate themselves within the content, especially the digital behaviour of the parents is the basis of our strategy.

Making it easy

On the platform, we created a website where students can access every information they want to reach. We used the power of the digital and the opportunities that it provided to make the life of the parents easy. So they are now more aware of the academic life and needs of their students.

In no time, parents can access information such as: grades, attendance, participation info, events, and lunch plan program. Another feature of the web site is; online pre-registration for newcomers.