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tariş zeytinyağı corporate website

Brand vision

Tariş Zeytinyağı, bringing olive and olive oil products from the branch to the table with a difference in the sector. With a progressive and innovative approach to be a reference in terms of quality and standards, and to pursue the same success in the international arena.

How did we get started?

Tariş Zeytintağı needed a new digital entity to promote better its brand value and products. The brand has a large family of products because of company's producing power. So we started working on a website with a young and dynamic tool to cover this soul of brand.

What did we do?

In order to successfully provide digital communication, we have built on the perfect navigation and powerful information architecture that will be a road map to the new website of Tariş Zeytinyağı. When we were refreshing the web site of Tariş Zeytinyağı, we had a user-oriented design life by performing the UX study at the basic level. While evaluating the minimal design elements, we get the look we want; Typography, visual use, graphical content, illustrations and icons, we have created a website with high readability as a whole. Besides the aesthetic appearance of Tariş Zeytinyağı in front of its competitors, the 100-year story of quality and reliable Olive Oil Tariş and the association, a wide and top-grade product range in different categories produced from olive oil, all the curious about olive oil and many interactive content We were able to tell the Tariş world in full and pleasant manner.

Tariş Zeytinyağı is published as a digital entity covering all the components and target masses. You can also experience this exciting experience at