The newest entrepreneurship platform TechSquare needed a website that supported new ideas and self-describing. We decided to present this young brand by a trending and a dynamic framework. Encouraged by KoçSistem, TechSquare's web site plays a part as a source for entrepreneurs ideas and offers space for sharing them.

We designed a banner supported with videos, which present the TechSquare platform and the newest generation technologies, to introduce TechSquare at first glance. After introducing brand’s area of focus and its identity, interactive and the dynamic sections come next.

Dynamic sections contains news, trends, useful information that supports bright ideas and lists that enlightens the sector. Website's data architecture acts as a guide which helps the entrepreneur to be up to date and supports his/her ideas.

TechSquare picks promising projects to be able to support new entrepreneurs financially, technologically and instructively. To be picked, signing in and uploading the project is all you need. Project-uploading steps are the most detailed section in terms of user experience and utility. Detailed with minialist perspective and supported with icons and typography, the sections aims at the applications to result at succession by giving clear instructions to entrepreneurs.

You can visit TechSquare's new website via adresinden ziyaret edebilirsiniz.