An Ak Yatırım Brand: TradeAll

TradeAll's "mobile application", an Ak Yatırım brand, has been revamped with TradeAll TR to provide a much safer, faster and easier trading in the domestic, TradeAll UP and International and TradeAll FX markets.

3 Different Platforms, One Application

When Ak Yatırım TradeAll, which has been developing rapidly and steadily since its inception, informed us of the demand for the renewal of its mobile application, we started to think about how we can bring the domestic, foreign and forex markets together in one platform with our strategy team. In order to create a user-friendly mobile application, we aimed to easily deliver domestic and international capital market products to individual and corporate customers. We have carefully completed the design work of all screens to ensure that users can use the mobile application very easily. We have made many native improvements to sending push notification for investors to be able to do regular market tracking and to make investment decisions at the right time. We have created a structure that offers market and investment data instantly, making it much more useful for price monitoring and trading. We implemented the TradeAll mobile app, which aims to address the entire process and bring out an experience that is easy to use and fast to the data being searched.

TradeAll Mobile Application

You can also download the app from your Apple and Android devices and more closely examine the TradeAll mobile app, which we have redesigned to provide safe, fast and easy trading in the domestic, foreign and forex markets.