As Pixelplus, we have renewed Tradesoft website, which guides the capital markets with the technology solutions it has developed since 1997. Let's take a look at what we are developing on the revamped website together.

Tradesoft was in need of updating its website. We have responded to this need with solutions that we have developed both in terms of design and usability. First, we started looking for solutions to present the content to the users in the most accurate way. Thanks to the mega menu that we use, users can now quickly access all the content. We aimed to capture users as soon as they first entered the site with the large slider area that we used. We have enabled users who scroll down from the banner area to have a pleasant experience with animated areas and infographic narratives. In order to make users feel the vision and mission of the brand, we used slogans on the listing pages. We supported these narratives with both images and icons while displaying narratives on the detail page of each product. In this way, we aimed to give users an experience that they will not be bored with. By combining all these features with current design trends and the talents of our designers, we have completed the designs of the brand new Tradesoft website. After the design process, we continued with the software process. We have set up the website in a responsive structure which is one of the requirements of today. Thanks to this, we have made it compatible with every device. By adding customer support guidance via an external link, we have ensured that users can easily get support when they need it. Thus, we have completed all the coding stages of the site and made it ready for publication. We have introduced the new Tradesoft website, which has passed all our tests successfully, to you, dear users.

You can also visit the new Tradesoft website, which we have equipped with solutions that we have developed in terms of design and usability at