website goes live

Leading industrial brand

Shaping the future as a major industrial corporation operating locally and globally, Tüpraş boasts a new website now on tupras.com.tr, as designed by Pixelplus Interactive through a modern interface that follows digital trends.

Strong information structure

A comprehensive information pool provided on the website is now meeting users with a simple design and structure where information is categorized by years in a way to offer user-friendly experience. Users are provided with a wide range of information from Tüpraş's fields of activity, sustainability and investor relations to R&D efforts, media relations and career opportunities.

Other details

It offers easily consumable contents for users thanks to successful website categorization that provides pleasurable first-class user experience and a structure where user experience is given a central focus. Enhanced with video and infographic elements, the website allows visitors to access any information they may need in the most refined and responsive format. tupras.com.tr, the new website of globally prominent oil refiner Tüpraş is carrying the company's leader position into digital world.