türk telekom prime
website welcomes you with a brand new look

A world of benefits

While AVEA greeted users with the new face of Türk Telekom after the kick-off of merger into Türk Telekom upon completion of brand transformations in early 2016, we renewed the website of Prime, a world of benefits.

Modern and dynamic interface

Matching with Türk Telekom's renewed brand identity, the new Prime website boasts a remarkable modern and dynamic interface, while offering a large number of delighting benefits from domestic and international privileges created for users to special customer services, from shopping advantages to visiting the most popular restaurants and travel destinations.

Other details

The website is built through a focus on pure user experience, making it really easy to learn about the advantages offered by Prime as well as campaigns on brand new devices and domestic and international carrier rates. Through the website, users can also sign up for Türk Telekom Prime or learn about subscriptions whenever they would like to. It also redirects users to any online transactions as they wish. To experience Prime's website, a world of benefits, with the brand new and modern look of Türk Telekom, visit turktelekomprime.com.