fleet leasing and management
vdf filo

Brand vision

vdf filo aims to provide solutions that will make a difference in the sector and optimize operational fleet leasing for the customer. In addition, the brand is on its way with important investors such as Volkswagen Financial Services A.G, Doğuş Group. They are separated from their competitors by the service of "personalized fleet". It only provides fleet service and is also an expert guide on fleet management.

Our roadmap

The brand wants to make a difference in the fleet leasing market where the decisions of the target mass differ from many aspects and we know that the initial need in the digital positioning process is to investigate the user experience. We are well aware of these people, their needs, and their behavioral habits as we move into the digital world the service of the 'personalized fleet' that is the essence of the brand. That's why we have included the UX process in the design preparations of vdffilo.com.tr.

What did we do?

In the fleet market, which has a face-to-face communication and a tradition of human interaction, it was our most important task to get an online trading habit. On the basis of this, we have provided the website with all the capabilities of a successful sales representative. When we responded to this need, we added functional form fields and we used modules that aimed to get to know the user better first. The best example of this is, of course, the "create your fleet together" area. Our design language, design solutions and content strategy are based on these goals as well. We used content that understands the user's language and is a solution partner for them. And absolutely we fed it with powerful call to actions. So we were able to separate from our opponents.

Navigation architecture and technical structure

Vdffilo.com.tr allows the user to make all the information they need in a short step while making the purchase decision. It has navigation and dynamic graphics that make it easy to explore everything. There are also pages that provide all the necessary information at first glance, utilizing design tools such as interactive action buttons. The most important follow the trend of benefit-oriented simplicity. The responsive structure that gives the same experience in every device gives correct answers to those who want to get a direct offer. Those who come to information can easily find the same way. Now, it is broadcast as a digital asset that covers the entire target audience.