We are in our 10th year with Volkswagen so this brand is an organic part of our lives. Since we know the brand so well, we can create extraordinary experiences for all Volkswagenlovers.

Our target group is keeping up with today's world. While old habits leave their place to the blessings of the digital world, we know very well that we should not be late in taking steps that will make their lives easier. From the beginning to the end, how can we simplify and make the Volkswagen procurement process useful? What are the ways to reach our subscribers in the fastest and most modern way? Which technologies can we use? We asked all questions and we answer about how to use the digital more efficiently.

Smooth Virtual Experience

The last project we've been living on we've built an interactive environment where 360 experiences are integrated with the Volkswagen Virtual Showroom. In a real Volkswagen Showroom, we carried a digital platform on binekarac.vw.com.tr with a single click of the Volkswagenlovers. On this platform, you can explore a large number of models that you can walk around step by step, discover and cherish the models. Control buttons, which include approach and departure options, are enriched with systems that you can lean back and enjoy models with automatic lap feature.

Interactive and Rich Content

In this virtual world where the New Golf, Tiguan, Passat, Passat Variant, New Beetle, Jetta, Polo, Touareg and Scirocco models are in place, we made every piece of information accessible to them. Through icons and pop-up windows, you can access the technical and hardware information of the vehicles and other details. In addition to the explanations supported by video narratives, the different exterior angles and interior views of the models also took their place in the virtual showroom.

Online to Offline

Besides, it can be included in the test drives through the Volkswagen Virtual Showroom; You can fill out the form for detailed information request. In the virtual Volkswagen journey, live broadcasts by Saffet Üçüncü's narration took place in the Showroom for Volkswagenlovers.

The Volkswagen Virtual Showroom, which users can enjoy, will break down the taboos and give users a different usage habit. The project, which shortens the steps efficiently to reach the right information about the models efficiently, is waiting for you to visit.