Ziraat Katılım

With its products in compliance with the principles of participation banking and alternative distribution channels, it needed to renew its mobile application, which was always with its customers, listened to its customers in all circumstances and adopted its basic philosophy to provide solutions specific to them. We, Pixelplus, responded to Ziraat Katılım's needs with our UX solutions.

UX Studies

In order to redesign the digital experience of the Katılım Mobile Application, we conducted persona interviews. In order to provide users with a much better experience, we discussed the results of the interviews, produced solutions for the problems that arise, and started to try to refresh the interface of the application. By analyzing all the problems of Ziraat Katılım mobile application, we have seen that application should be developed in design, technical, content and information architecture that has a significant impact on the user experience. We have developed solutions to the problems we have identified and we have started to develop the application with a focus on user experience. We created the application's button positioning, scenarios and flow chart by determining which screen the user will be directed to from each screen. Then we created the wireframes of the application screens and ready for the design phase. We have completed the design, considering how users can use the application most easily. We have now introduced Katılım mobile application, which is much more intuitive and easier to use.

Katılım Mobile Application

With a user experience focused and we redesign the digital experiance in accordance with today's trends, download from Apple devices and Android devices to study Ziraat Katılım mobile application more closely.